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Volunteers; Backbone Of A Campaign

At 64 years, Marie Jenson has been a volunteer for the past 6 presidential elections in the Democrats’ camp. Back in 1988, while Democrat candidate Michael Dukakis was soundly beaten, winning only 111 electoral votes, Jenson was bitten by the election bug.

“I was forty years old and a stay at home mother when I first volunteered. Elections were not the most important thing in my life, but one day I decided I wanted to go out and help the Democrats. It had been a tough 12 years for the Democrats, Jimmy Carter had been a flop and we needed a boost”, she explained.

She believed that if the Democrats were to come back in to office, they needed the people to reignite the voters passion for victory, “something volunteers had to do at the grassroots levels.” During her first campaign, Jenson spent three months handing out campaign buttons, ever since that election Jenson has made it a point to turn to volunteer for the Democrats at every election.

The 92′ election was where Jenson tasted victory as a supporter, and she says that it was at that point she realized how important the role of the volunteer is. “Clinton’s campaign had us out in force, I was volunteering in Ohio and I travelled all over the state urging people to come out and vote for him. His margin of victory is indication that we were successful”, she said.

In 2012 Jenson is back in the Democrats camp having spent the past three months canvassing on the ground. On the day before the election (November 5) she spent her day walking from house to house in Toledo, along with dozens of other volunteers, urging Democrats to turn out and vote. “By now we know where those who support the Democrats live, it is of utmost importance that we get them out to vote”, the volunteer explained.

Her work as a volunteer has seen her carry out work ranging from calling up registered voters urging them to vote Democrat, to sitting outside shopping centers handing out Democrat badges. “It is the job of the volunteers to remind the voters why they should vote for the candidate, President Obama has spent the election period telling the country what he will do in the next four years. It is our job to remind the individuals and ensure they all hear his message. I was in Columbus Ohio a week ago and a man told me that seeing how tirelessly the volunteers were working had convinced him that turning out to vote was important. That is all that we can do” Jenson explained

Of course it has not always been thankful work, often Jenson has been forced to listen to Republican supporters run down President Obama’s policies, while also having undecided voters flat out refuse to vote. “It is frustrating when a person refuses to vote either way, this is their opportunity to make a change if they are unhappy. Sometimes I have had doors slammed in my face, other times I have had to stand next to a republican volunteer trying to convince an undecided voter. This is all worth it, if at the end of the day we know we have done all we can”, she said.

Her brightest moment during the campaign came a few weeks ago when during a campaign rally in Cleveland Ohio, President Obama personally thanked her for all the work she did. “The President asked me about myself and my family, and thanked us all for the hard word we were doing for both him and the party. It is a small gesture like that which is thanks enough”, she said.

Election day will Jenson’s busiest, “I will be traveling to the houses of those we know who will be voting for the Democrats urging them to get out there early and cast their ballot. It is our last opportunity to ensure we win, this will be a fight but I am convinced America will make the right choice.”

For Jenson, and thousands of other volunteers, all their hard work will come to an end on November 6. Yet regardless of the result, most of them will be back in four years trying once again.

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