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Goodbye Washington, Hello Ohio!!

The weekend is coming to an end, and with it starts the final week of campaigning for the Presidential election. As for me, I bid farewell to Washington D.C. and say hello to Ohio.

I spent Saturday (my free day) exploring the capital, and it was an amazing experience seeing all that history in one place. Americans have been known for their “patriotism”, and this was clearly on exhibition in D.C. at all of their monuments.

The Lincoln Memorial is one electrifying place to visit, while housing a giant sized statue of Lincoln it exemplifies the pride the Americans have for their colourful history. Further down I had the opportunity to visit several other memorials all in place for the numerous wars America has been part of, I wonder whether there will be one for the war in the Middle East.

While exploring D.C. I also had an opportunity to meet the locals firsthand. I made the mistake of exploring the city without a map, thankfully more than enough people were willing to help out.

With D.C. somewhat explored it was now time to pack my bags and head off to Ohio. A quick layover in Chicago gave me a taste of what was waiting for me at the end of the road. Bitter cold winds tearing at my face was both a welcome change and a stark reminder that this is the fall season in the US.

I arrived in Ohio this afternoon (Sunday) and after a quick tour of the area settled in at the hotel. Planning on exploring downtown Toledo in a bit before getting ready for the first day of work tomorrow. With nine days till the election, and Ohio and its 18 electoral votes up for grabs, it’s going to be an intense few days.

More updates to come and a more detailed look at the election campaigns.

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