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Why all the praise from the US?

Today’s media reports state that the much anticipated meeting between G.L. Peiris and Hillary Clinton was a fruitful one. Yes, apparently the Americans were highly complimentary of our plan of reconciliation. Of course no one in Sri Lanka has seen this plan, in fact when G.L. left to the States there was speculation over whether he would have anything at all to present.
Here we are now reading reports that the plan he had presented was “a very serious and comprehensive approach” to the LLRC. In fact the US state department spokesperson went further and said that plans were in place to make this “action-plan” accessible to the public.
It seems like in the space of a week Sri Lanka has done a complete 180, we are awaiting the release of Sarath Fonseka and now the government will be making public their reconciliation plans.
I find it very hard to believe that whatever plan our Foreign Minister presented to Clinton was extensive or even detailed. How could he have presented such a plan as just before he left they were still waiting on the relevant ministries to present their own mini action-plans. Unless the government has had this up their sleeve as a “surprise” for its own citizens I am going to take these comments with a pinch of salt.
Yes, Peiris would have presented some sort of plan to the Americans, otherwise what else could he spoken to Clinton about for 45 minutes.
But is the praise and accolades for such a plan merely a diplomatic stunt by the Americans? Days leading up to this meeting saw similar headlines in papers around the country; “lack of progress in Sri Lanka irks US”. To many it would seem like the whole delegation has had it rough over there, like the parent-teacher meetings of a slacker, continual complaints.
So why has opinion of the mystery plan which had been taken over to the US changed? Perhaps somebody in the State Department realised that they were dealing with a sovereign nation which was not reporting back to the US, but was rather presenting a plan to them. The schoolteacher routine was becoming old and would surely have resulted in yet another collection of anti-US protests back here. So did Clinton agree that whatever was presented to her was a step in the right direction, while urging the need for more work? Perhaps. And perhaps she and her office decided that they would now give Sri Lanka a pat on the head and send the delegation on its way?
It would seem a patronizing attitude by the US towards another nation, but lets face it tact is not what Americans are renown for.
So G.L. will be returning, after a small side trip to Doha, and with him comes this magical “action-plan” that changed the US’ opinion towards our plans for reconciliation inside 24 hours. I only hope that this does not so easily disappear as it did appear.

  1. Nikhil
    May 27, 2012 at 2:58 am

    Why are you so cynical? Is your life so depressing and sad that you feel the need to spread your negativity around?

    • May 27, 2012 at 4:18 am

      You may call it cynicism, but I am just more in touch with reality. I don’t close my eyes and believe everything that’s told to me

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