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Sri Lanka; three years back

So interest increases surrounding the possibility of Fonseka’s release this weekend, on the other hand our attention is also on multi-million rupee parade to celebrate three years since the war is over.
Once again, Sri Lanka is finding itself in a tug-of-war scenario between Fonseka and Rajapaksa. Of course, as is the case normally, all other issues have been aside to focus on these two men and their continual popularity building tactics.
As a journalist, today has been a tricky day with attention being split between the two events. Any stories related to the North or East needs some comment from either the police or army, surprise surprise their spokespeople are preoccupied with preparations for tomorrow. The opposition were occupied in the morning with the Fonseka bail case. Government officials are out of office.
Everywhere else in the country life is going on; cost of living rises, people in the former war zones struggle to rebuild, families battle the spread of dengue. But unfortunately for the next few days all this will be put aside as the two men who were centre stage in 2009/10 retake their roles.
We celebrate three years on since the end of the war, but to me we have gone back three years with all attention being on two men and the actions of the armed forces.

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