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Stray dogs given white van treatment

So it seems like the higher powers have decided that the cleanup of the Colombo city will continue with the stray animals. The continual removal of stray dogs from public areas have been going on for over a year, animal welfare groups have complained and on occasions have had results.
However, the trend has not stopped, and despite local businesses and offices choosing to care for the stray animals (they have got them sterilized and feed them) the authorities continue to pick them up and “disappear” them.
The Colombo Municipal Council have said that once they collect the stray animals they are given to the police, the police do not have an answer for what happens to them after they are handed over. I can only imagine what has been the fate of these poor animals.
A family friend called me this evening to explain that a pack of dogs in Fort, which have been well looked after, were rounded up and taken away. She explained that the local authorities had said that they received complaints and were acting on them. Of course nobody thought to call the animal welfare groups, in fact it would seem our police are more inclined to pick up stray dogs than they are to prevent crime.
This is just another example of how the wires of society have been crossed, no longer do people care about someone or something. If something is an inconvenience it disappears, we have seen that in so many aspects of society that it is only surprising it took this long to spread to the innocent animals.
I can only hope that in the future people will take that extra few seconds to think and perhaps they will take a more constructive approach to dealing with an issue. Below are a list of animal welfare groups which can be contacted in the future.
1. Sri Lanka Animal Protection Association
2. Animal Welfare Trust Sri Lanka
3. Animal Welfare Sri Lanka

  1. chinsen
    May 21, 2012 at 7:27 am

    It’s a damn shame the way animals are treated here. Then again, look at how many people treat each other on the road. As far back as I can remember one of the first reactions to a stray dog is to look for a stone to throw at it.

    Sterilizing them has been for their own good, and it is the most humane way to go about this.

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