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Why the US involves itself in Sri Lanka

The US involvement in Asia has come about with the ever growing presence of China. From the 1950s onwards America has shown an unwillingness to return to their old ways of “isolationism”. The Cold War being the biggest attribute to this.
In the 21st Century the Cold War, I believe, is still going strong only the theatre has changed. We are no longer witnessing the progressive America battling their perceived threat of communism, but rather a battle is being drawn out over a super-power unwilling to let’s its position in the global hierarchy change. In this case the old power being America and their foe being China.
Sri Lanka is but an insignificant dot in the grand scheme, however, it is also one which will provide the US with the opening it needs to Asia. Their old ally in India is slowly but surely being surrounded by the Chinese; Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indo-China and now Sri Lanka are all falling into line behind China. India is finding itself low on support in the region, and in turn so to is America. Their poor military involvement in Pakistan has cost them that ally, now they are presented with an opportunity to regain lost territory by involving itself in Sri Lanka. The political goings on and well being of the Sri Lankans is of little interest to the Americans, the growing influence of China is far more worrying.
An unstable Sri Lanka opens the door for India to exert influence on its neighbor, and in turn the US has yet another country returning to its sphere of influence.
China has shown itself unwilling to involve itself politically in Sri Lanka or any of it’s “satellite” states, they recognize the fact that a political battle with India at this point in time would be foolhardy. The US’ decision to involve itself in Sri Lanka is not for the Sri Lankans but to ensure that India’s standing in the country remains firm.
The US may have learnt a lesson from open conflict in the Middle East, but Libya and now Syria show that they are still willing to pull the strings from behind the curtain. A safer ploy and one which the voters will not have to decide on. This is election year, the Obama administration has needed a win and right now anything will do.

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