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Mother’s Day

So Mother’s Day is today, and most people are looking to spoil their mothers with lunches/dinners or flowers or cakes and chocolates. For our mothers, this is a day that they can look forward to being spoilt by their families without having to worry about any work afterwards.
I myself only found a place to take my mother out for lunch this morning, call it what you will but I am hiding behind the argument that I wanted to take her somewhere she would enjoy. For those who are wondering, I decided on Italian (with a little help).
But as I was trying to get through to make a reservation I got thinking of how many of us actually take our mothers for granted, how many of us expect them to be there and not appreciate it on a daily basis? Come tomorrow everyone will be back in the rat-race that is our lives, rushing off to work or school or whatever it is we do with ourselves. Our mothers will also be back at their jobs be it at home or at an office, the efforts to make their day just a little special would have been forgotten. Chances are one of us is going to call them about something insignificant, but make it seem like the world is coming to an end. When we finally sit down for dinner, out mothers will ask us how our day was, we’ll give them short answers (for those kids going through puberty you’ll probably be rude and curt). And then we will go our separate ways in our own homes, and that will be that. The “loving care” that was seen today will be dead, like the flowers we bought our mothers for today.
Is it that Mother’s Day has become just another way for us to try and fit in the ever shrinking importance we place on family? Or maybe there are some people out there who will be making an effort every day and not just one day of the year? Either way, to all the mothers out there, happy Mother’s Day

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