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Don’t look back IN wonder, look forward AND wonder

People are more often than not inspired by greatness seen in mankind’s history, they will look to match it and live by its lessons. When does the time come that people stop looking back and start looking ahead?
For me personally I have realised that all you can take from the past is lessons, but what you can take to the future is limitless. For days I often find myself sitting back and wondering ‘what if’? Going as far back to school days, friendships, choices in jobs, even the smallest choice of walking away or confronting a problem. From that all that regret has been the outcome, I look back and will often see what could have been done differently.
Looking forward and I am faced with choices, not regrets, and that is where the excitement of life lies for me.
The past has happened, I am not in control of it so I take what I can and move on. The future is mine to shape, the success and failures of my future are mine alone.

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  1. Chandralal
    October 27, 2011 at 5:17 pm

    Good luck my son. I’m proud of the way you are taking ownership for your decisions. Keep looking ahead. Don’t worry about the things you can’t control and give of your best to the things you can. You will reach heights that no one else has reached before.
    God bless you

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