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CHOGM; what a joke

The Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting is taking place this week in Perth this week, and personally the whole summit seems to be a joke. Barely a month has passed since the UN summit in New York, and now the ‘worlds’ attention turns to this.
Of course to make stuff interesting the summit needed some controversy; the UN summit had Palestine applying for statehood, so why should this not have the same? Well Australian, and Sri Lankan, media was on hand to assist. Headlines roared ‘Sri Lankan President to be investigated by Australian Federal Police’. Of course, this grabbed the attention of the people, and now attention has turned to Perth.
Of course, as is the case with most ‘breaking news items’ this had not been reported completely. The Australian Attorney General announced that there would be no formal investigation, and that was the end of that.
So what was the need for all that hype? Well I do not see this as being a ploy by the Diaspora living in Australia, cause lets face it no one is going to go all the way to Perth just to protest. No country is going to actually investigate another country’s president without strong enough evidence.
So, from my reckoning this whole media stunt was done to draw attention to the meeting and nothing else. I mean who really goes for the CHOGM? The big scene countries are Australia, England, South Africa and India. Not much to write home about there. So to all those who were super excited thinking Mahinda Rajapaksa was actually being investigated, sorry to disappoint but this story has served its purpose. The CHOGM has made the front page, hats off to the Queen. Yes she is still the Head of the Commonwealth (who’d have thought it).

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