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Media cheapens Colin Cowdrey lecture

Sri Lanka’s reaction to the elegant Colin Cowdrey Lecture delivered by Kumar Sangakarra has crossed the boundary of pride to overkill.
Sri Lankan’s in and outside the country showed their support to the lecture by quoting sangakarra on Facebook. A trend that has taken an upward surge in recent years. Media poured out accolades to the former skipper, complimenting him on the brave stance he took. The sports minister orders for an enquiry were met with boos and calls for his head. Yes Sanga is a national icon and we should be proud. He showed up the beauty of the sport, the unification of cricket was beautified and the corruption of the cricket board highlighted.
So what steps has Sri Lanka taken to support Sanga? Sections of the media have cheapened the lecture and opened the doors for ridicule. Last week i saw an article that said Cricket Australia was contemplating boycotting the tour of Sri Lanka on political grounds. They were only convinced to tour after listening to Sangakarra’s lecture. Really? Apparently this journalist assumed that cricket Australia did not have a representative present at the lecture. He further assumed that Cricket Australia was willing to suffer large financial retribution, Sanga’s golden words obviously changed their mind. Lets forget the fact that the ICC had made it clear that political interference in cricket would not be tolerated. Cricket Australia’s boycott of a tour would have fallen under political interference.
Of course we must forge the simple fact that Cricket Australia had announced they would be touring Sri Lanka and there had been no question otherwise.
Hats off to the standard of sports journalism in Sri Lanka. And applause for the public for having believed this nonsense. Emails circulated promoting this article.
Enough with the rubbish reporting. He gave a good speech, lets not forget the issues he brought up.

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