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Deception of self-reliance

The idea of self-reliance is an attractive one. Everybody at some point in their life would like to feel as though they have achieved this state. Is it however possible to truly achieve self-reliance? Or is it a term we use to hide behind failing to really face reality?

Why is self-reliance such a drug to the masses? The confidence that comes with the belief of self-reliance is unparalleled. As an individual you can feel that anything is possible because success or failure is in your hands. You are not forced to turn to someone else for their support.

But is this the truly attractive feature of self-reliance? The fact that you do not rely on someone else’s support, or is it just the confidence you gain from being considered self-reliant?

Whatever the reason is that we yearn for self reliance it cannot be disputed that it is a state of mind which grips us all regardless of our standing. Everyone wants it, everyone tries to achieve it, but so very few are successful in their pursuit. This is not a bad thing, personally I believe that it is a comment on society and the manner in which people overcome their selfish needs and are able to turn to one another for support.

Self-reliance breeds selfishness, everyone who strives to reach this stage do so at the expense of others. You find yourself turning on those close to you, believing that if you have to do it yourself so do they. It tears apart communities because everyone’s sole focus is on achieving personal goals. They fail to see the bigger picture.

Self-reliance is a term spawned from the idea of taking responsibility. People have developed the idea of taking responsibility, they now believe that both your failings and achievements must be your sole doing. They have failed to recognise that a person’s mistake can be the result of two people’s actions. Similarly a person’s success can be attributed to the work of several individuals.

It is time people begin to understand that taking responsibility for ones actions is correct but like everything else in life, it must be moderated. Self-reliance is an attractive option yet rarely can it be achieved without harming yourself or others.


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