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Age discrimination? What is that?

A few months ago I sent in a few articles to a leading  magazine. I explained that I would like to work with the magazine in attracting a different reader base. Both were rejected on the basis of being age discriminatory. Now what is age discrimination? The rejection letter explained that my article was aimed at the youth of Sri Lanka and in doing so I have neglected to include the other age brackets. It should be mentioned my article was entitled ‘Youth and Entertainment in Sri Lanka’.

So any ideas what age discrimination is? From what I gathered this editor believes that unless an article includes all age groups it is going to be bordering on age discrimination. Is this is a desperate attempt by someone who is clinging on to the strands of his fading youth?

I replied the rejection letter explaining that disappointed as I am I must disagree with his comments as the article is clearly entitled ‘YOUTH and entertainment in Sri Lanka’. The reply was even harsher saying that with my attitude I would not survive in the journalist world.

Getting back to the topic, is age discrimination just another way people are attempting to bring society closer? Is that too much of an optimistic view? Rather should I ask is this a new way of dealing with a mid-life crisis. Instead of trying to turn the clock back are they going to scream age discrimination and force the age barriers to be broken down? I am going to take the more cynical view and claim that this is in fact a way of dealing with avoiding the inevitability of ageing.

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  1. Jack
    November 4, 2010 at 5:54 am

    Hey man,
    First things first. Did they actually say ‘age descrimination’ or did the magazine just say your targeted audience was very narrow, becasue there is a bit of a difference there if they did. However, I think you made a major mistake here. The editor is clearly infatuated with his job. Unless you sent in your articles too him with the subject heading ‘please edit my work,’ there is not much of a reason for him to view this article as anything more than a job application. You applied for a job, not for for ajournalistic review of your articles. My advice is dont spin this out to a social debate of generations vs generations, or even the falling of social barriers, but just take it on face value. You applied for a job at a magazine company with that has twat of a boss. End of story.
    P.s, stop applying for the Penthouse internship!

    • November 4, 2010 at 5:59 am

      They had actually said ‘age discrimination’. I forgot to mention that before sending my article in I had sent a letter stating my intentions of introducing a newer, younger reader base to the magazine. He replied asking to send an article.
      Not trying to spin it out. Actually its a slow day at work and was more than anything interested with this idea of age discrimination.
      And yes Penthouse has shown interest in my work. Your monthly subscription will finally be coming to fruition

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