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Female Chauvinism in Gender Equality

Sri Lanka has once again been awarded 16th place in ‘Encouraging Gender Equality’ according to the Global Gender Gap Index. So well done to males all over Sri Lanka we have managed to show that Sri Lankan males are in fact able to accept women as equals. However does this mean that women have recognised gender equality is across the board?

I am going to state it early that this is not an attempt to show that men are better than women. Instead I wish to illustrate the lack of regard society has to gender equality in certain fields. When the argument about gender inequality arises they are often in relation to a women having been looked down upon by a man as being inferior. However is gender inequality or gender equality a comment on the male population alone? With a greater emphasis placed on the balance between males and females, male chauvinism is a topic which is under greater scrutiny. Yet has anyone ever stopped and questioned the existence of female chauvinism? A term originally referring to the modern feminist, yet I believe it is more applicable to that small minority of women who exploit the fear of male chauvinism.

I am very aware of the inequality that exists between men and women. Yet in this modern society ‘female chauvinism’ is spreading. One way in which we see this trend on the rise is through the way women are treated when they go out clubbing in the nights. There are no clubs in Colombo which have a cover charge for girls yet the guys are expected to pay Rs. 1000 just to enter the club. Now people will argue that this is a marketing gimmick in an attempt to attract more girls to the clubs. Yet what they fail to recognise is that it is instilling an idea amongst the females that they deserve better treatment than the men. No doubt a club full of women is far more appealing than one full of men. Yet does this mean that women should be allowed to reap special benefits? For years women have been calling for equal rights, now that they are being awarded these rights they expect special treatment in certain fields.

When a man is accused of being a chauvinist it is of a greater implication and can often result in them being shunned in society. I personally believe that there is a group of women who are now beginning to use this to their advantage. Lets look at the work place for example. When a woman is overlooked for a job in place of a man there will an outcry male chauvinism. This is not a common occurrence yet it does happen. Yet is there such a strong protest when a male employee is overlooked for a promotion, he believes he deserves, in place of a woman? Employers fear that in today’s climate women must be treated with care for fear of being ousted as male chauvinists. All women are not doing this on purpose as it can be construed as a form of blackmail yet it is occurring, just like male chauvinism does still exist. This is the fault of society rather than women alone. General thought in society has led to this fear of gender inequality. Without any clear guidelines in place regarding this issue there will continue to be these misunderstandings and exploitation.

I am not attempting to claim that male chauvinism does not exist anymore but instead I wished to show that as male chauvinism is declining there is a rise in ‘female chauvinism’. This is not always the fault of the woman in many cases it is due to the fact that society has put a great emphasis on male chauvinism that they have failed to recognise in its place they are giving rise to an involuntary sense of a gender inequality. More and more we are seeing women take the role of men in society yet when it does come to certain areas women are choosing to take a back step allowing men to take the lead. I believe that this is a case of women exploiting the idea of gender equality but only in the way that is beneficial to them.

If women are determined to have equal rights, which they deserve, then they are also expected to experience the drawbacks that come with it.

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  1. Tha
    October 14, 2010 at 5:43 pm

    Good subject. Well written. Good enough to provoke some discussion

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