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The Rain

With the monsoons having arrived many people are cursing the rain claiming it is ruining their crops, make the city dirty due to blocked drains, creating even worse traffic jams and overall ruining many people’s days.

I am a fan of the rain, I would rather wake up to a grey sky then one that is clear blue with the sun shining down. For me these days are bliss and so I decided to try and capture the beauty of the rain. The video I have uploaded depicts the beauty of nature side by side with itself.

The effect that a bright, clear sky day can have on people is often reinvigorating. It is symbolic of a new day dawning. Personally speaking a cloudy day with a constant drizzle and the cool breeze blowing against my face is what helps lift my spirits. My video is an attempt at depicting how the rain can paint a beautiful picture. The contrast between the green of the marsh and the grey of the rain draws out the beauty of nature. The water gives new life to the plants which can be seen by an uplifting of the colour in its leaves.

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  1. chinsen
    October 3, 2010 at 7:27 am

    🙂 rainy weather is the BEST if you have nothing to do and can just sit back and realaaaaaaaax… any other day, sunny and mid 20s is the best for me…

    this is nothing to laugh about, but just below this post, I see this

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