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The ‘Jeep’!

Almost 6 years ago the government was raising taxes on cars, my heart had dropped a mile as we were looking at buying a new car. With a bit of luck and good fortune we found out that ‘Motor Marvels’ was selling the cars they had in the showroom at the old prices which meant that the Suzuki Grand Vitara fell within our price range.  Wasting no time we rushed to the showroom reserved the car and within a week was driving out of the showroom.

I still remember the squelching sound the brand new tires made on the showroom floor has we pulled out. It was as though the car was announcing ‘I am brand new take care of me I am not used to the harsh roads.’

It is not everyday you get to learn to drive in a new car but I was given that opportunity and because of that I grew attached to the Vitara. The bond that grew between myself and my car to many may seem strange. To me it was my as though this was my first car and we would share numerous adventures together.

As with all stories there are some incidences that are definitely worth mentioning. The first time I was allowed to take the car so me preparing, I had my Ipod connected, my sunglasses on and the music blaring. Where was I going? Well of course to show off to some girls. My old school was having its fair and I figured since I had left this was the best chance I could to flash the car. Sadly this did not go as planned, I was left with the girls being nervous of being caught by a teacher and of course fearing that my mum would catch me, she thought I was going to a friends up the road.

The adventures came thick and fast after this with numerous nights seeing friends pile into the car as we headed off on egging runs. Then of course these would end with us speeding off and having people throw worrying comments my was such as ‘I think they got your license plate.’

Just like people remember their first drive they will also remember their first accident. Mine is do different, although the circumstances with which it occurred could be. I remember speeding down Baseline road catching a glimpse of a girl in the car next to me. I sped up to get alongside her so I could see her properly. Up ahead a car had swerved out of the way of vehicle that had been stopped on the main road. The speed at which I was going did not allow me to slow down enough and I went straight into the back of the Nissan. The Vitara came to a stop as I watched the car in front of me fly ahead a good 10metres. I could picture my mum’s reaction when I tell her I have totaled the car. I got out gingerly and checked my car. The damage was next to nothing, a small dent and smashed license plate. Of course the Nissan was completely smashed in from behind. To this day I am ashamed to say without even checking to make sure I did not kill anyone I was already relieved and quite satisfied with the pounding the Vitara had given.

Now in 2010, after countless random drives with friends, sneaking the car out so I could drop a girl home and having my best friend cling on to the side of the car while I sped down Galle Road the Vitara has been sold. I handed the keys over to the new owners and felt a sense of sadness as I watched my car be driven away.

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  1. Radhik
    September 15, 2010 at 8:42 am

    “Sharing adventures” eh??

    I have some stories that i know which haven’t been mentioned in here….

    but i too will miss the ol’ GV…..

    wait till i tell Ma that you smashed the car cos you were perving on some chick….you sick bastard!

    • September 15, 2010 at 8:49 am

      Dear Radhik, I have approved this comment as it is your first one. However in the future I would prefer comments that provoke discussion. As for the bird in the other car sadly seeing that she was actually not good looking was more of a shock than the accident

  2. Chin
    September 23, 2010 at 12:11 pm

    what!! haha man so many memories in this vehicle!me jumping on the back and you squirting me with the rear washer! you stalling after I threw that egg through the fence! all those trips to school! hiding in nugegoda that day you were leaving! gosh so many… sad parting!

    and HAHAHA first time i’m hearing that reason for the crash! INTERESTING! 😉

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