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Does it stop there?

The vote for the 18th amendment had been passed with an overwhelming majority. 161 to 17 in favour. Of course it must be noted the UNP had 60 votes of which 44 were voting against. With a decent number like that they instead chose to abstain achieving what? No one will ever know.

It is apparent that those who are in positions to make the change are either unable to or lack the initiative to. Whether there should be a change in leadership or complete overhaul of the party will be left up to the party members. That is not the issue now.

The time for in party fighting is over, taking to the streets in a similar fashion that the world saw in Bangkok is what is required. Opposition to the government claim that when they try they are forcibly prevented yet the scenes from Tuesday show a different story.

Thousands took the streets in protest of the amendment they created havoc on the roads by their simple presence. They did not resort to violence but the sheer numbers proved a sight of power and support. These numbers can not go unnoticed by either side. It shows that when called upon the people are ready to leave the comfort of their homes and stand for what they believe as the correct actions.

A regime may hold firm to their ideas of how governance should be carried out. But they should not forget they are there in a position to carry out the wishes of the people. When the people rally as they are doing now the warning signs are being presented.

Now that the amendment has been passed the people cannot fall back in to their daily lives whilst forgetting that there are numerous issues which still need solving. The paperwork may be signed but the populace are not convinced. Now is the opportunity to run with the situation and turn it on its back. Sitting back and waiting for something to happen is no longer an option. International opinion of Sri Lanka is falling change that, and when that is changed further changes will follow.

Do not forget the scenes of Tuesday and Wednesday for they are but a start.

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