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The first blog!

This is my first ever blog and for many years I have avoided maintaining a blog despite enjoying writing. My main reason has been a rather biased and sadly limited view that bloggers are often people who wish to complain about their lives. This idea that I held to so firmly for so long has now finally changed after working amongst people who are regular bloggers.

My posts will hopefully be a mix of video and writing which will portray the beauty of Sri Lanka that is undiscovered due to a lack of exposure. in my 17 years of living in Sri Lanka I have been fortunate enough to travel around much of the south and central regions often to areas which are not visited by the tourists nor the locals. The true beauty of Sri Lanka does not lie in its beaches or the heritage sites but in the people and customs that inhabit the island. From the picturesque tea estates, through the crowded cities up to the rural villagers there is a sense of a unique identity that can only be found in Sri Lanka.

After almost 3 decades, the war has ended and it is now an opportunity for us to show the world that we are no longer associated with terrorism and beaches. The minute island that is Sri Lanka offers us a  history that many other countries could only dream of possessing and we are fortunate that despite the growing western influence, Sri Lankans continue to embody in our lifestyles what our history has provided us with.

However as with all other subjects in life Sri Lanka is not a place devoid of fault, it has its fair share of issues and many would argue that these are being compounded by its citizens. It is for us to draw attention to these problems but not stop there. Lenin once wrote “an average man will identify a problem, a great man will solve it.” I am by no means a great man but I do try to follow this motto. All around us in Sri Lanka people are showing what is wrong with the country. No one has followed up with how we can change these issues, and sadly this is why we are finding ourselves spiraling towards a state full of armchair critics and ‘one-man families’.

My blog is going to give those who are either fail to see this or are unable to, an opportunity to realise that Sri Lanka has the potential for so much more yet it requires its citizens to wake up to reality. Hence the name ‘Changing Perspective’. These will not be posts that criticise or complement, these will be posts that will encourage people to think differently and draw them out of their comfort zones.

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  1. Tha
    September 1, 2010 at 5:31 am

    Very worthwhile purpose for a blog. Well written and a balanced approach. I like it. Well done and keep it up

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